March 26, 2018

The Furry Hand (La Mano Peluda, which can also be translated as the Hairy Hand) is a Latin American legend, better known in South America, particularly, Colombia.

This legend is used to scare children into staying in their bed after the lights are off. However, not even in your bed at home were you safe, because The Furry Hand was always there just waiting for you to step out of bed after bedtime.

Legend has it, originally the hand had belonged to a man who was killed during the inquisition for p...

March 1, 2018

The Segua, also called Cegua, is a mythological creature from Central America folklore. In some legends, the Segua is regarded as shapeshifter witch who resides in the woods. At times, she appears in a white corn leaf dress with a veil or her long black hair.

The Segua is believed to have super-human abilities, as she's able to walk through solid objects, gravitate above ground and fly at extreme speeds in her efforts to lure men into her trap.

Generally, the Segua appears to drunk men and tries...

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