June 18, 2018

The Mastopogon (literally meaning Breast Beard or Udder Beard) is as strange fish-like creature first  observed by Thevet off the coast of South America, in subarctic waters.

This creature received its name from the strange goat’s beard-like udder appendage that hangs from its chin.

According to Thevet the creature also had a long dorsal spine and pointed fins. The Mastopogon has rough—like sand paper—skin and sharp teeth. It attacks, drowns, and dismembers anything—or anyone— it catches in the w...

June 4, 2018

The Noggle is a playful creature from the British isles that may look like a horse but it’s not one.

Those who have seen one say it looks like a little gray mare, saddle and everything, but if you dare mount it, the Noggle dashes into the water where it turns into a burning, blue cloud. Much like other horse-like creatures from Norther Europe—i.e., Nukyr & Shopiltee—the Noggle has no problem killing people. Underwater, however, the rear legs transform into a powerful fin.

These creatures are also...

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