May 15, 2019

The Illvveli, which in Icelandic means Evil Whales, are a very special group pf sea monsters with a set of common attributes:

1. They all play important roles in Icelandic Folklore, and many of them appear in Viking Sagas alongside other very important monsters and mythical beings (not to mention gods and goddesses).

2. They are all inedible. First, because they are extremely hard to hunt and kill, but also because their meat is at times poisonous, or it may disappear as it is being cook, and beca...

May 7, 2019

Another of the feared illhveli (a.k.a. evil whales) of Iceland is the Skeljúngur, meaning Shell Whale.

There a fundamental difference between this a all the other illhveli: the skeljúngur is safe to eat, even tasty, hence this is most dangerous of the edible whales cruising the Northern Seas. Moreover, even if catalogued as evil, the Skeljúngur has helped humans on occasion. Notably, a young skeljúngur aided Hjalmper and Olvir in their battle against a vicious hrosshvalur (i.g., Horse Whale).


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