April 15, 2018

These beasts are as elusive as its name suggests, and their elusiveness is one is the reasons why Hidebehinds are so dangerous. Fond of concealing themselves within the woodland regions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan (USA logging country) the hide-behind has inspired considerable debate about its appearance.

It has been described as canine, wraith-like, or humanoid. The diversity of these accounts might be the result of the hidebehind being able to rapidly change its shape.

However, exper...

December 2, 2017

An evil shapeshifting spirit or shadow-being with the capacity of possessing the body of the recently deceased, the Mourioche belongs to the Breton folklore. Despite its notoriety, nobody is really sure where the Mourioche came from. Some say that the Mourioche was once a person, versed in the dark arts, who sold their soul for a magical potion; others think this person was afflicted by a curse similarly to that of the werewolves, having the ability to change shapes but without control of his ac...

October 22, 2017

The Ercinee are largely nondescript birds, what is known about it is that its feathers glow at night, and some accounts describe it as having gold and silver plating on its wings.

These birds resided in the Hercynian Forest (ancient and dense forest that stretched eastward from the Rhine River across southern Germany) and with the glow of its feathers –the pale speckles on their feathers light up with golden bioluminescence— it lighted the dark forest nights.

Ercinee were known to twitter if someo...

September 3, 2017

The Wendigo, a supernatural being from the forests of the Northern United States and Canada, it’s said to be half specter, half beast, and to prey on humans, especially children.

As the line of the American Frontier (i.e., contrasting region at the edge of a European-American line of settlement) was pushed westward in the 1700s a curious legend slipped through the cracks, and the attempts to hunt down and capture this legend go on today. While this creature is considered by many to be the creatio...

January 1, 2017

A supernatural presence believed to foretell death and misfortune usually taking the form of an enormous dog.

Although most often described as dog-like –large as a calf, with long sharp fangs and claws, fiery eyes like glowing coals, and a shaggy black coat— the Barguest could also appear in the shape of a bear.

Particularly In older tales, the Barguest is often describe as a ferocious bear-like creature, and the name Barguest may derive from German meaning “bear ghost.” Many tales, however, als...

December 22, 2016

The Keelut, also know as Qiqirn, is a spirit of the underworld that comes to the surface mostly in winter. In its physical form, it resembles a hairless dog with hair only on its feet, so that its tracks disappear easily, giving the creature the chance to stalk its prey –often humans— without warning of its presence.

It is said to feast upon the dead and as many of its European counter parts, such as the Barguest, it sometimes acts as a harbinger of death.

This mythical creature of the Inuit folkl...

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