The Keelut, also know as Qiqirn, is a spirit of the underworld that comes to the surface mostly in winter. In its physical form, it resembles a hairless dog with hair only on its feet, so that its tracks disappear easily, giving the creature the chance to stalk its prey –often humans— without warning of its presence.

    It is said to feast upon the dead and as many of its European counter parts, such as the Barguest, it sometimes acts as a harbinger of death.

    This mythical creature of the Inuit folklore likes to attack those who travel alone.

    It sends them into fits, by simply looking at them, causing its victims to forget who they are and where they were going. The disoriented victim soon dies of hypothermia, and the only thing the Keelut needs to do to feast, is wait.

    Fortunately, the Keelut tends to run away if confronted by noise and shouts, and its particularly sensitive to the sound of its own name. However, as it is a master hunter, most often, its victims don’t realize it’s after them until it is too late.


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