The Segua, also called Cegua, is a mythological creature from Central America folklore. In some legends, the Segua is regarded as shapeshifter witch who resides in the woods. At times, she appears in a white corn leaf dress with a veil or her long black hair.

The Segua is believed to have super-human abilities, as she's able to walk through solid objects, gravitate above ground and fly at extreme speeds in her efforts to lure men into her trap.

Generally, the Segua appears to drunk men and tries to seduce them. She laughs loudly and her goal is to avenge those women who had been wronged by unfaithful men. For this reason, when a man cheats and appears absent-minded after a night of drinking, it is said that the Segua played with him.

The origin of the Segua is told by a Nicaraguan legend that says that this creature was originally a beautiful woman of mixed Indian and Spanish blood. She is usually depicted as having beautiful white skin which contrasts with her jet black eyes and cascading long hair. This woman fell in love with a Spanish officer who tricked her and broke her heart, abandoning her to marry a Spanish woman of fortune. The exact manner in which he “tricked” her is not entirely clear, but there is a clear suggestion that it involved some improper advances, sexual in nature, and extremely forbidden for a lady from a good Catholic family. After the Spanish rogue had disappeared, the lady went insane, and an awful curse befell her, turning her into a monster, forever destined to wonder lonely roads.

To save yourself from such an encounter you should carry mustard seeds and throw them before her. She apparently will stop to try and pick up the magical seeds. As with other myths in Nicaraguan folklore, Segua's tale is believed to ensure that men come straight home after work.


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